Our mission at Asanda is to create a community of artists and healers, guests and stakeholders, who share a common vision of an extraordinary beauty and wellness company.


In our sharing and collaboration we nurture and respect artistry, health and multicultural diversity. We take refuge in a space that delights and enlivens minds and bodies, and builds value for sustainable livelihoods and investment.

Our world at Asanda revolves around our employees. We recruit the best talent and provide them with the education, resources and leadership for continuous personal development. We are committed to making it possible for everyone at Asanda to have not just a job but a career that is both professionally and financially rewarding.

For our guests, the experience of Asanda begins with our name which is the Sanskrit word for Lounge. Our name infuses our brand with a touch of luxury, relaxation and imagination.

Asanda is about spa services in a place that is a refuge for wellness. No matter what service any guest receives at Asanda we have designed each experience around the gift of time to relax, to enjoy, to lounge.

From the sophistication of our mobile enabled booking, to the high tech ways we monitor every aspect of our operations and the intimacy and ease of our guest communication, we believe that the spa experience should be so simple that it turns an occasional indulgence into a regular part of anyone’s busy life.


Creativity, Communication, Integrity, Service, Education, Ease, Joy, Beauty and Wellness